Here’s what a typical day is like at Northbrook Academy


  • Prepare the Environment

Opening Routine

  • We begin our day with a welcome song.
  • Take account for who is present.

Large Group Time

  • Large Group time offers children a sense of belonging to a group.
  • Children practice communication skills.
  • Each child has the opportunity to express their questions, ideas, feelings and sharing their work.

Choice Time

  • Child lead activities with teacher interaction.


  • We discuss the book we read page by page supporting Social Emotional Development.

Small Group Time

  • An interest area with several different materials for the children to explore.
  • Teachers observe and talk with the children about their findings.

Large Group Round-Up

  • Time to recall the day’s events.
  • Children are invited to describe the materials they’ve used and the important parts of their day.

Daily Extras

  • Outdoor experiences
  • Family partnership
  • Wow! experiences

What Our Families are Saying

“A wonderful preschool that really cares for and about the children. Our 4-year old has thrived here with social interaction and through the lessons of the teacher. Couldn’t ask for a better place for our son to grow.”

— Scott Charron

“Northbrook takes exceptional care of not only the children but the needs of the entire family. Their educational program gives children a huge advantage when transitioning to grade school. The staff and management are truly a blessing.”

— Daniela Janceski